Shift Network of StarMade servers!

Welcome to the Shift Network of StarMade servers, one of the longest running StarMade server networks! We are continuously growing and evolving, looking to the players for feedback.

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Our Servers

Red Shift - Shift Network of StarMade servers!Connect to Red Shift:


Some of our features:

  • In game help system! (Type !help in game chat)
  • Automated vote reward system! (Type !reward in game chat)
  • Banking system to store large sums of credits! (Type !bank in game chat)
  • Bounty board! (Type !bounty in game chat)
  • Friend pay system! (Type !pay in game chat)
  • Custom Mobs! (Ask to get yours added)
  • Automatic restarts
  • Crash Protection
  • Anti-Lag
  • More coming soon!


We have rewards for voting for us: (Type !reward in game chat)